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RBWebz Consulting

Web Design

We believe your web presence is vital to your business or organization.  It’s your virtual business card or presentation to any potential prospect.  RBWebz Consulting wants to help you put your best foot forward.  Whether it’s a new web design or a re-design of a current website, we will sit down with you and learn about your vision, your thoughts and will interpret that into an effective, responsive web design.  After the design is complete and tested, it is then ready to go live for the world to see. With our web hosting and maintenance service, we can host your website on our servers where we can continue to maintain your website with the latest updates and preventive maintenance.

RBWebz Consulting

Computer Services

Your data is your most valuable asset when it comes to your computer.  Why not make sure that your data is protected from unwanted vulnerabilities?  RBWebz Consulting offer Technical Services like PC/Laptop Repair, PC Tune-Ups, PC Diagnostics, Preventive Maintenance, Virus/Spyware Removal, and Hardware/Software Installations just to name a few.  Creative Services are also available such as graphic design for flyers, business cards and logo design. 

RBWebz Consulting

Networking Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the expansion of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. More and more devices are becoming equipped with internet connectivity thus making your network that much more complexed.  RBWebz Consulting understands this complexity and offers Networking Services for your home/office network.  We will properly configure your network equipment (router, switch) and related networked devices.  This also includes network design and implementation.  Whether it’s your business, organization or home office, we will make sure that your computing infrastructure is running smooth and that you get the most from your network.

RBWebz Consulting

I.T. Consulting Services

In a IT leadership role, you find yourself trying to make ways to meet the total needs of your computing network infrastructure by mitigating risks. Then at the same time, attempt to balance the load by working with budget and resource constraints. With the plethora of solutions that is readily accessible, it can be somewhat difficult to identify what the needs for technology are for your organization. When we talk to you, we’ll sit down and discuss your needs and together come up with a solution that will make sense for your organization and your budget.

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